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Beam House

Beamhouse is the ‘section of the tannery where hides or skins are prepared for tanning, which includes the operations of soaking, unhairing, fleshing and deliming etc’, so there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. SEICI S.p.A is a trusted beamhouse partner with a complete beamhouse chemical range including DECALSAN®, NEUTRAL®, FLUIDERM®, DECAZYM®, PLENITAL®, SEICAL® helping tanners through careful selection and effective guidance on soaking, liming auxiliaries, deliming and bating chemicals.

Product Description
Decalsan A Organic acid based deliming agent
Decalsan PH4 Organic acids for strong salt removal
Fluiderm GZ Degreasing and emulsifying agent
Fluiderm SN Emulsifier and wetting agent
Neutral AG Neutralizing agent
Plenital MA Mixture of inorganic salts for a slow, regular and safe basification
Plenital RC6 Chrome VI prevention and removal auxiliary
Seical F Triethanolamine sulphate
Seical KP Triethanolamine sulphate based antiwrinkle
Seical PF Multipurpose wet end agent
Seical TGL Hair saving liming auxiliary for excellent cleaning, scud removal and anti-wrinkle agent
Mianzin A Strong wetting agent with mild emulsifying properties
Mianzin DEG Strong degreasing agent with mild wetting properties
Mianzin N Wetting agent
Mianzin X2 Strong wetting agent
Mianzin X5 Strong wetting agent with mild emulsifying properties