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Liquid Dyes

MCI, DERMICOR® dyestuffs are liquid anionic dyestuffs which can be used for spray dyeing, effect finishes and top coats in the finishing and for through-feed dyeing in the wet processing. They combine excellent properties, in particular fastness to water spotting, light fastness and migration resistance with highly efficient and brilliant dyeing. All products are compliant with the innocuousness requirements of REACH Annex XVII, Entry 43 with respect to azo-amines and are not based on any problematic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chrome(VI), arsenic, nickel or cobalt.

Product Description
Dermicor Red Liquid Dye
Dermicor Black Liquid Dye
Dermicor Blue Liquid Dye
Dermicor Persian Liquid Dye
Dermicor Orange Liquid Dye
Dermicor Green Liquid Dye
Dermicor Brown Liquid Dye
Dermicor Yellow Liquid Dye