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IPERTAN ®, UROPLEN ® synthetic resins for the retannage ensure a selective filling in the looser areas of hides. All products have low astringency and give a smooth, fine and tight grain as well as uniform dyeing, buffing and embossing properties.

Product Description
Ipertan 502 Dicyandiamide resin
Ipertan FG Blend of specific fillers
Ipertan FG Blend of specfic fillers
Ipertan FP Aliphatic aldehyde
Ipertan MG Melamine based resin
Ipertan NP Dicyandiamide resin
Ipertan Supra K10 Urea formaldehyde resin
Ipertan TR Tryazine based tanning polymer
Uroplen 1064 Softening polymer
Uroplen 35/A Acrylic resin liquid
Uroplen CPV Neutralizing, retanning andfatliquoring compound
Uroplen DM Slightly cationic acrylic polymer
Uroplen DMN Slightly cationic softening polymer
Uroplen MS Acrylic Maleic co-polymer- excellent plumping effect on low substance material
Uroplen SML Styrene – maleic based copolymer