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A complete range of finishing auxiliaries contributes greatly to cope with individual needs in terms of leather quality and ease of production. Caseins, fillers, matting agents, waxes, oils, flow and feel agents, rheology modifiers and crosslinking agents allow our customers to adjust their finishes to particular needs in terms of viscosity, coverage, gloss, feel, tackiness, and last but not least upgrading. Those products are gathered under the MIANZIN ®, LUSTRON®, MIANWAX®, MIANTOUCH®, FUSINOL ®, FIX-IT® and LUBIROL ® ranges.

Product Description
ECL 502 Merdium hard cationic protienic binder
EL 420 Soft glossy protien binder, excellent behaviour during glaze and plating operation
EL 474 Synthetic protien, medium soft, glossy and transparent
EL 550 Hard protien binder, glossy with dry feel. Suitable for glaze articles
EL 555 Deep black protienic binder, high gloss, fairly flexible, non thermoplastic
EL 570 Protienic compound with warm and silky touch
LUSTRON 370 Medium gloss glazeable proteinic binder
LUSTRON C-130 Cationic casein with good covering
LUSTRON UT Soft glossy protien binder for excellent glazing & plating operation.