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Finishing Auxiliariess

A complete range of finishing auxiliaries contributes greatly to cope with individual needs in terms of leather quality and ease of production. Caseins, fillers, matting agents, waxes, oils, flow and feel agents, rheology modifiers and crosslinking agents allow our customers to adjust their finishes to particular needs in terms of viscosity, coverage, gloss, feel, tackiness, and last but not least upgrading. Those products are gathered under the MIANZIN ®, LUSTRON®, MIANWAX®, MIANTOUCH®, FUSINOL ®, FIX-IT® and LUBIROL ® ranges.


Product Description
EO 011 Pull up oil, can be used as impregnation for light finishes
EO 070 Mixture of oily polymers for pull up articles with a greasy touch
EO 497 Non-ionic Oil emulsion with good levelling, blind grain masking, polishing and glazing properties
ET 007 Mixture of oily polymers for hydrophobic greasy articles


Product Description
EW 073 Medium hard wax with low melting point having a good pull up effect
Taurol 1601 Blend of synthtic waxes
ET 099/NI Slightly cationic wax emulsion for final touch with natural, warm and waxy feel
ET N6-N2 Non-ionic wax exulsion for grounds and touch. Good masking and anti-sticking properties
EW 082 Burnishing wax
EW 409 Medium hard nonionic wax emulsion with natural touch
EW 428 Hard wax emulsion for pull up effect.
EW 492 Wax emulsion with excellent polishing, glazing and ironing properties with good gloss and transparency
EW 523 Medium hard wax emulsion, suitable for medium burnish effect
EW NVL Repousse wax with soft and talc touch
EWC 486 Cationic filler wax emulsion
Miantouch 176 Non whitening slightly cationic touch modifier
Mianwax 150 All purpose wax with good plating properties
Mianwax 261 Colloidal filler with good covering and flexibility. Recommended for base coat application
Mianwax 286 Cationic wax emulsion, excellent sealing propertie. Natural waxy feel as a topcoat
Wax GLF – 112 Colloidal filler, good covering and extreme flexibility.  Base coat for high quality leathers