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AQUATHANE® is a range of waterborne polyurethane finishing binders. The product range includes adhesion promoters, base and top coat binders for all kinds of articles. Permanent improvements and new developments with respect to ambient topics such as VOCs, restricted substances and physical performance ensure our customers to keep pace with ever-changing requirements.

Product Description
PU-901 Medium hard Pu with excellent covering and pleasant touch
PU-903 Medium film hardness with good covering
PU-922 Medium soft film that gives excellent adhesion and good pleasant touch
PU-925 Soft film with good adhesion properties
EU 106 OP Dull, flexible, medium soft PU with a silky touch
EU 135 Medium hard urethane, good covering & embossing
EU 143 Medium hard transparent, polishable urethane. High binding and rub fastness, low thermoplasticity.
EU 147 Very soft, fine and flexible urethane. Excellent dry drum and light fast properties
EU 149 Top Urethane top coat for dull and waxy feel
EU 151 Top Urethane emulsion for shining top coat
EU 153 Urethane topcoat emulsion for glossy finishes
EU 183/17 Aromatic polyurethane, soft, sticky, use primer or impregnation agent
EUC 113 Transparent, medium hard cationic urethane. Elastic, slightly sticky with excellent binding power
Binder PT 76 Adhesion promoting medium hard polyurethane