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SEICI SPA, TAUROL® offers a wide range of fatliquoring agents for the retannage. It includes products geared to address various requirements of the automotive, furniture upholstery and shoe industries. The products are characterized by excellent softening effect, outstanding fastness properties, a uniform dyeing and a pleasant, soft, round handle.

Product Description
Taurol 70 Special softening agent with wet touch
Taurol ARR Blend of synthetic esters
Taurol AST Synthetic oil
Taurol BS Electrolyte stable sulphited fish oil
Taurol BWN Combination of natural phospholipids with synthetic softeners
Taurol EHC Lanoline based fatliquor
Taurol FL Blend of synthetic esters
Taurol GV Blend of synthetic oils, softeners and emulsifiers
Taurol IS Synthetic sulphited sperm oil – Good light fastness
Taurol LEC Lecetine based
Taurol LEC-N Phosolipids based fatliquor
Taurol LSH Based on synthetic esters and partially sulphited oils
Taurol LW Synthetic and soft
Taurol RD3 Water proofing fatliquor
Taurol RN Blend of synthtic oils and phosphoric esters
Taurol Z21 Sulpho-chlorinated fatliquor
Lubirol 64S Mixture of anionic and nonionic fatliquors with stabilizers
Lubirol A-100 Blend of natural oills and emulsifiers
Lubirol BA Blend fatliquor with high softening power
Lubirol LC Phospolipids based fatliquor
Lubirol M Emulsifying fatliquor
Lubirol S-7 Special blend ideal for high degree of softness and light weight leathers
Lubirol SN Fatliquor based on natural oils having synthetic oil replacement properties