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SEICI S.p.A is a leading manufacturer of synthetic syntans that are largely based on phenol, napthalene and sulfone chemistry. NUBUCTAN ® & SEICITAN ® replacement syntans are used to produce all types of leather, from soft supple leather to firm and full leather. General advantages are: high yield, relaxed leather, improved light fastness and heat resistance, better heat yellowing and filling properties as well as a low monomer content.

Product Description
Nubuctan AB White syntan
Nubuctan RO Napthalene phenol sulfonic syntan
Nubuctan ROK Neutralizing syntan
Nubuctan SF Phenol sulphone syntan
Nubuctan SFN Phenol based syntan with neutralising and dispersing properties
Nubuctan TK Tara based tanning compound
Seicitan 2AN P Naphthalene and phenol complex syntan
Seicitan AFO Free formaldehyde remover
Seicitan BB Napthalene sulfonic syntan
Seicitan BL Dispersing syntan
Seicitan D Phenolic syntan for general tanning and retanning
Seicitan SOV Sulphone-phenol-napthalene syntan
Seicitan TMN Vegetable extracts based syntan
Seicitan TPV Naphthalene sulphonic syntan